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Married with Kids

So I came into this relationship knowing that he had two young daughter at the ages two and four. I know that I didn't know how exactly to be a parent, but had baby sat most of my life, so taking care of children wasn't really that hard, nor discipline because I learned from my own parents and a couple parenting classes, but none of that to me has really made me there mom.
I still feel mighty lost and I feel like my love for these children isn't the same that mother has for me, or any mother of her own has for them.
I just don't see myself loving them the way I should, though I am trying. I just think I am caught up knowing that they aren't mine and that I shouldn't be trying to be this full time mom, when I am not.
They call me mommy and I cook and clean and do so much typical things that moms do, but never feel connected with them.
I don't want to be so cold hearted, and turn out Step-Monster....even though I feel they see me that way........

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Married with Kids, posted January 4th, 2013
My first Blog, thingy majiggy, posted January 4th, 2013

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